Valentine’s Paint Nite


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone had a day full of love and fun! Logan got me the prettiest flowers. I am one lucky girl.

My mom, sister and I ditched my dad and Logan to go to a bar to paint a romantic valentines stroll haha. We were the only ones in the place that didn’t have their significant other with them! If you have never been to a Paint Nite you need to try it. No artistic ability required. The artist goes step by step teaching and explaining how to do each part. Will you want to hang your picture up? No probably not haha but you’ll have a  great time doing it. We’ve already looked into doing another one.

I loved getting to hang out with my mom and sister. My family is super close and ever since I moved away we haven’t gotten to do stuff just the 3 of us as often. Then when Logan and I move back to Calgary in August, my sister is moving away for school so we try to fit in as many activities as we can when we’re together. Plus it’s nice for us to go to girly things and Logan and my dad can talk cars, drink beers and watch hockey.

Have a lovely week everyone!




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