Feelin’ 22


It was my 22nd birthday on Saturday and I had such a lovely day! Logan woke me up blasting Taylor Swift’s “22” song. He is such a goof. We got ready, then Logan took me to my favourite breakfast spot for egg benny. Afterwards, we came back to our house and he kept our birthday tradition alive by making sure we had Crave cupcakes. Everyone needs cake on their birthday, right?! I love the chocolate cupcake with the cream cheese icing best. I could easily eat 10. The rest of the day was spent lounging around, enjoying each other’s company and watching movies. That night we went to friend’s house for dinner, birthday apple crumble and game night! It was honestly so perfect.

I am so lucky. I can’t wait to see all the adventures 22 has in store for me.


Seriously, if any of you guys ever find yourself in Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon you HAVE to stop at Crave. You will not be sorry.


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