Chilly Sunday


My parents and baby sis (she’s an 18 year old baby) came to visit Logan and I so it was a busy couple of days. They left early Sunday morning and Logan and I got to have a lazy day.

We decided to go to the Pet Expo which we have gone to every year for the last couple of years. Usually we go hold puppies and kittens and fall in love with all of them. But this year there were hardly any baby animals! We were so disappointed. We ended up leaving after 30 minutes since it was a total waste of time. We wanted to see puppies!

We ended up going to my favourite little coffee shop in Edmonton called Transcend. The whole building is old brick and on the inside they have exposed brick walls that make everything feel warm and cozy. I love exposed brick so much that I plan on having our future house have at least one wall even if we have to DIY it.  Logan and I chatted about our trip coming up to Asia and how bummed we were for the lack of puppies to cuddle. I also could of drank three more soy chai lattes because they were so yummy.

Lazy Sunday’s are the best. I hope everyone had a great weekend and you don’t get a case of the Monday’s!



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