Not a fashionista


Yes, I took some photos while I am at work and all my coworkers are out eating lunch. Gotta love shameless selfies, am I right?

I love that glasses have become more than just a thing for us four eyes but also an accessory. I always hated my glasses as a kid and I never wore them (sorry mom!) and “lost them” a couple of times too (sorry again mom). But now thanks to the fashion gods, glasses are cool. There are so many different frames out there that fit everyone’s personality and/or outfit of the day. I honestly didn’t even realize that people wear glasses without prescriptions in them until a few months ago! I must live under a rock. Right now I am also really into fun socks! These are actually a pair of Logan’s dress socks that I stole out of his drawer haha, whoops. I just love having them peak out from the top of my boots. I honestly don’t even think anyone notices but I do!

In Canada, it’s cold. We’re in the dead of winter right now so sweaters are a must. Especially in my office, they still have the air conditioning on! Sweaters can get so boring and start to all look the same but this one has such a cute little lace detail at the bottom I had to share.

I am not a fashionista by any means but I feel confident in my clothes and that’s honestly all that matters at the end of the day.






9 thoughts on “Not a fashionista

  1. Hi there, loved your pics! Ahah
    Btw, I’ve tagged you in a Q+A on my latest blog post! 🙂
    Have a little look, hope you can do it. 😛


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