Valentine’s Paint Nite


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone had a day full of love and fun! Logan got me the prettiest flowers. I am one lucky girl.

My mom, sister and I ditched my dad and Logan to go to a bar to paint a romantic valentines stroll haha. We were the only ones in the place that didn’t have their significant other with them! If you have never been to a Paint Nite you need to try it. No artistic ability required. The artist goes step by step teaching and explaining how to do each part. Will you want to hang your picture up? No probably not haha but you’ll have a  great time doing it. We’ve already looked into doing another one.

I loved getting to hang out with my mom and sister. My family is super close and ever since I moved away we haven’t gotten to do stuff just the 3 of us as often. Then when Logan and I move back to Calgary in August, my sister is moving away for school so we try to fit in as many activities as we can when we’re together. Plus it’s nice for us to go to girly things and Logan and my dad can talk cars, drink beers and watch hockey.

Have a lovely week everyone!



Fries Before Guys


I seriously have the best boyfriend.

I mentioned this awesome Vancouver clothing company called BRUNETTE the label once awhile back and he surprised me with their “Fries Before Guys” crew. It is so freaking comfy and soft. Basically every photo we took I found myself pointing at the shirt because how could I not? It makes me laugh because it’s so much fun. Everyone needs to check out this clothing line. They have the best sayings on their stuff.

It has been really warm out so it in Edmonton, so it was nice to not wear a jacket and just run around the city. Plus I secretly loved watching people giggle as they read my sweater. I have gotten so many compliments on it because food first no matter who you are haha.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


Feelin’ 22


It was my 22nd birthday on Saturday and I had such a lovely day! Logan woke me up blasting Taylor Swift’s “22” song. He is such a goof. We got ready, then Logan took me to my favourite breakfast spot for egg benny. Afterwards, we came back to our house and he kept our birthday tradition alive by making sure we had Crave cupcakes. Everyone needs cake on their birthday, right?! I love the chocolate cupcake with the cream cheese icing best. I could easily eat 10. The rest of the day was spent lounging around, enjoying each other’s company and watching movies. That night we went to friend’s house for dinner, birthday apple crumble and game night! It was honestly so perfect.

I am so lucky. I can’t wait to see all the adventures 22 has in store for me.


Seriously, if any of you guys ever find yourself in Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon you HAVE to stop at Crave. You will not be sorry.

Eat Real Food!

I do not like fad diets, cleanses and get fit quick schemes. I think consistently eating real food that is good for you and exercise is key. At the same time, I am not one to turn down a slice of pizza or some salt & vinegar chips every now and then. One problem I see amongst people my age is that people want things to happen fast so having patience to see results, cook healthier options or even grocery shop goes out the window! I am such a foodie so I do not want a boring plain chicken breast and broccoli all the time. I want flavour and variety! I grocery shop once a week and preplan all of my meals. This way once I am home from work I know exactly what we are eating and there is no option to make unhealthy decisions because I have all the ingredients I need. One thing that may surprise you about me is that I actually don’t know how much I weigh. I never go off weight, I go off how I feel. I think people stress out about weight so much when they really should focus on health. I know people that are thin but they are so unhealthy. As my mom would say “your poor arteries.”

Last night for dinner was slower cooker barbeque ribs, brussel sprouts with hints of bacon, pepper parmesan zucchini and my guilty pleasure, low sodium stove top stuffing. Everything was easy to prepare and tasted fantastic. Logan is a picky eating farm boy through and through so for him to enjoy all this healthy goodness proves that meals can be delicious and nutritious.  Plus I love how pretty everything looks on the plate. I am by no means a presentation person but I do love all the different colours.

Food has always been such an important part of my life. Growing up, family functions always centred around eating. One of my most favourite sayings is eat well and travel often so I am trying to live by that!

Do any of you have recipes I must try? I love experimenting with anything from vegan to the most carnivorous meals. Also if anyone would like to know how I made anything here please just let me know and I’d gladly send it to you.




Chilly Sunday


My parents and baby sis (she’s an 18 year old baby) came to visit Logan and I so it was a busy couple of days. They left early Sunday morning and Logan and I got to have a lazy day.

We decided to go to the Pet Expo which we have gone to every year for the last couple of years. Usually we go hold puppies and kittens and fall in love with all of them. But this year there were hardly any baby animals! We were so disappointed. We ended up leaving after 30 minutes since it was a total waste of time. We wanted to see puppies!

We ended up going to my favourite little coffee shop in Edmonton called Transcend. The whole building is old brick and on the inside they have exposed brick walls that make everything feel warm and cozy. I love exposed brick so much that I plan on having our future house have at least one wall even if we have to DIY it.  Logan and I chatted about our trip coming up to Asia and how bummed we were for the lack of puppies to cuddle. I also could of drank three more soy chai lattes because they were so yummy.

Lazy Sunday’s are the best. I hope everyone had a great weekend and you don’t get a case of the Monday’s!


Not a fashionista


Yes, I took some photos while I am at work and all my coworkers are out eating lunch. Gotta love shameless selfies, am I right?

I love that glasses have become more than just a thing for us four eyes but also an accessory. I always hated my glasses as a kid and I never wore them (sorry mom!) and “lost them” a couple of times too (sorry again mom). But now thanks to the fashion gods, glasses are cool. There are so many different frames out there that fit everyone’s personality and/or outfit of the day. I honestly didn’t even realize that people wear glasses without prescriptions in them until a few months ago! I must live under a rock. Right now I am also really into fun socks! These are actually a pair of Logan’s dress socks that I stole out of his drawer haha, whoops. I just love having them peak out from the top of my boots. I honestly don’t even think anyone notices but I do!

In Canada, it’s cold. We’re in the dead of winter right now so sweaters are a must. Especially in my office, they still have the air conditioning on! Sweaters can get so boring and start to all look the same but this one has such a cute little lace detail at the bottom I had to share.

I am not a fashionista by any means but I feel confident in my clothes and that’s honestly all that matters at the end of the day.





Monday Night Dinner

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBaked Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Dinner tonight was from my absolute favourite cook book right now, Skinny Taste. I am all about sauce so having this delicious chicken parmesan covered in marinara sauce with a little bit of melted mozzarella puts me in heaven. We’re all about cooking healthy options that taste delicious. Plus this is a really easy meal for Logan to make. Who doesn’t love a man who can cook? We paired it with some roasted veggies and viola! We get to eat like kings without feeling guilty.

Now we get to hang out, binge watch the Good Wife and relax. Monday’s usually suck but this one seemed to be pretty great.




This photo has absolutely nothing do with this post other than it’s how my brain feels. Just complete and utter calmness. I just finished writing a final for a course I was taking and now I am done. Hallelujah!  I went to university for a couple of years and got lost. I thought I realized what I wanted but I actually had no freaking clue. How are people supposed to decide their career at such a young age? So took some time off and two years later I think I figured it out. Now I just finished a course that’ll help me get into the program I actually want to get into! So for now my brain is on “staring blankly into the abyss” mode and it feels fantastic.

I am just at the very beginning of this journey but one step at a time.



How lucky am I to call this guy mine? Logan is honestly the sweetest, most generous and loveable human being I know. He is everyone one’s friend. No one can resist his charm. He’s just too damn nice! He recently graduated from university and is now a hot shot mechanical engineer and I couldn’t be more proud. He worked so hard through his four and a half years of school to get his degree.

I always say he’s a puppy because unless it happened in a hockey rink or on the farm he grew up on, he probably hasn’t experienced it. I love showing this big nerd the world and I love seeing the places I have already been through his fresh eyes. Next up, Asia in May. A new one for both of us and I can’t wait to get to explore with this guy by my side.